Second things afterwards

Where do I live? How is my family? And what’s going on?

I live in Oppdal, a small thing between a town and a village in the middle of Norway. In this place live about 6500 people, and about 45000 sheeps. This is the biggest skiing area in Norway and so we have lots of tourists during the wintertime and every weekend. Most of the people know each other and you can’t go anywhere without meeting somebody in this place.

My family consits out of my host parents, Kirsti Welander (pronounced like Chischti) and Andreas Welander (where the r is just rolled by the front tongue). And I have a hostbrother, his name is Ragnar, he is 16 just as I am and he is very kind, in the way teenagers are. The most lovely part of this family is our Siberian Huskie, Maiko. I will try to publish some pictueres soon.

What’s going on over here. Well it’s not like going into a discothek, what is what I am used to. In germany we are allowed to do there when we are 16. But a lot of people look forward for the winterseason, so do I. I sarted Snowboarding, when I was 8, so I will go as often as possibel. In this place we have a cinema, a swimmingpool and several stores, to buy cloths and food, because of the thousand tourists, they have.


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