The 1st of October

Well todays the first of october, what does that mean? Maybe nothing to you, probably nothing to me, so why do I write a post about it. Just because I’m bored, no. There is a reason and that is my class. When I heard that I can have german in my new school it didn’t took me a long time until I said yes, maybe a few seconds.

But what is now the special october thing, well in october we have a celebration that is called Oktoberfest. In the place where I live we do not celebrate , I am from the north west part of germany. And the part that made a a little chukle is following. First: in my school nearly everybody is able to say Ich liebe dich, they pronounce it like „Isch libe disch“ and nobodys nows the real meaning of it.                                                                                                     The second thing: the octoberfest. In my germanclass they all know about it, and they thought this is the only celebration in germany. They know how they look, what they do, when it starts, when it ends and all the other uninteresting things. They asked me if I ever drunk selfmade beer(by the way, I am allowed to drink beer with 16 in germany),but no I didn’t. I never thought about this story my entire live.

What is my facit about the mind of my classmates about germans is. I guess they think germns are loving each other on what way ever, and they are always drinkin beer. I never thought about it that way, but those exchange years should open your mind and bring new opinions. On what way ever. so you can informate yourself about beer drinking germans.


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