No wonder people have prejudice

So today’s the third of october.Of course complete germany don’t work today. So when I went to school, I asked some people if they have an idea why it could be like that. Of course not why should they, one person said:“probably because soon is the octoberfest?“.

the unimportant thing everybody knows

I mean what the hell do they want with their octoberfest? Today it is the day when germany became a union again, but in the classes they only talk about the octoberfest, that is annoying. You ask yourself why everybody thinks, the germans are beer drinkers and have nothing good in their head. Here is my answer, they don’t get tolled the important things. As I said I’m in second grade and they tell me about beer and love, I know I am repeating myself, but that is so, yeah let me say stupid, to be polite. There are so many important things in live, but we need to keep the prejudice, don’t we?

The important thing nobody knows,maybe you are at least a bit interested in the important things, if not google octoberfest!

The pictures are from google, by the way.


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