Aksjon Brønnboring 24. Oktober

I know, it was yesterday, but I decided to write something about it afterwards. I really had no idea what will happen or had more information about it. But first, what does it means? The word aksjon means actually action and Brønnboring means drilling or well bore, this is a project, that only my school is doing. But nobodys is going to make a well itself in Norway. No the pupils of this school are all send out to work somewhere and to earn 300 Kroners in one day. They don’t have to pay themselves, of course some are just cleaning the house and get the money from their parents, but others are working somewhere with an organisation. I worked for an organisatiom that is called Lions and we have been outside. I went with two boys and a man to strighten up the street lights, others broke down a kind of house, because there was a better one next to it. Afterwards we ate bread and cake and then we went home.

Why does this project exist? It exist to help people from Africa. five pupils from this school will go to Africa and be there when they are inaugurate the well, so that they can get water. This project exist now for a while and they will keep it. Everyyear they are building somewhere else a well with the money they got from their pupils.

This is not a picture from a well build because of my school, but it is nearly the same.


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