My way to school

What can be interesting enough about a way to school, that I am making the effort to write about it? Well it is nothing important or earth shattering, but I think it is kind of…interesting. The thing I want to talk about, is how do the people get to school? I just trust my feet and I started to walk, since the snow came last wednesday. Others just go by bike, very slowly and I alreday saw some people falling of. but that became less during the week, the place where to put the bycicle is almost empty. Some of the people that came with a motor-cycle are now using quats, and I don’t even know if that is allowed in germany. But the best things are coming at last. One boy is always coming with the tractor of his parents. I mean a big one and it is staying with the cars of the teachers, I can feel the vibration, when he is driving behind me, on the road and on my body. And at least, a lot cyclers just switched to a kind of slide. In the front is a seat and there most of them put their schoolbags in. They are standing behind on a metal line.


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