Veggi Burger

As I said, or may wrote, I will write something about the Food in the Hardrock Cafe. Because we were a group, we didn’t had the normal menu. So it wasn’t possibel to chose between Tacos and Salad, but there were many nice things. I am not a vegetarien, because I am not at home and I don’t want to make it more complicated then it is. I eat meat when I have to, like when it is in dinner but on other days or times on the day I don’t. In the Hardrock Cafe we met three girls that have been on exchange last year. One of them was vegetarien and so I just took the same because there was only one thing.

So this is a Burger, but instead of meet, it is tofu with beanes and I think it is tasting just different, but just as good as meet. Also on the Burger was Salad and cheese. On the Normal ones it was meet with barbeque sauce and they had Salad next to it with some Chips.

Also there were some woman, and they looked like nurses, I really liked it so I asked for a phto and I got one. The woman in the back was getting married the next day, I actually asked, but it was kind of of obviously. I will put in a photo tomorrow (:

Also did you know, hat in many restaurants is hanging the colour red? The do it because it is making us feeling more hungry…


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