Uschlo S

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Well first day: Friday. I went to the first lesson and then I drove 5 hours with the train south, to Oslo. Of course I forgot my mobile and because I told the people from STS I will come with bus, we couldn’t find each other. So I just went to ask some people and in the end, 2 really nice guys showed me everything. They went with me to get a ticket with the metro and told me where to get out, so I was saved, thanks to them. After a while everybody was in the Office and we went together to have a look in a sculpture-park.

Then we went bying pizza. We ate it in the office, then we watched a movie and went to the place where we slept. By the way, are the Germans that scary? It was Halloween and I met several people going to a party. His girlfriend was a bloody nurse, hmm what did we wrong?

Saturday: We went up a Jumptower, the area is called Holmekollen.  It is over 100 meter high and there are some jumpingmatches during wintertime. Normally you have the best view ever over Oslo, but that is what we got.

Then we had freetime, they all went togehter to visit another parc, but I wanted to get a book, because mine is almost empty, so I went to a bookstore before we met again in the Hard Rock Cafe. Just that you know, I have right know Dèja Vu, even if that could have never happend before. So I had a vegetarien burger, but I’m gonna talk about that in the food section. In the evening we went bowling And I was the best one. I just put a picture in to proof. You need to look above the big one (Angela)

In the evening we went to a restaurant again to a restaurant and ate something. Afterwards we went to our sleeping place.

Sunday: We went a bit through the city, to a new big house where they sell only food ( also German stuff ) and to the harbour, then we brough the people that left around one o Clock to the train station. My train was coming at 4 o Clock, so I had some time. The 2 STS people and Vilma, an exchangestundent, and one that was in Australia last year and me of course, we went to Fridays to eat something. Then Vilma left because her boat was coming and at 4 I sat in the train, to get back to my hostfamilie.



Well maybe it is nothing special to a lot of people, may even a lot of german people are eating it, but I never had the idea to mix it like that. First thing is that they taste different than the ones I do because they mix it with caramel, I don’t really know, how it is exactly done but then the pancake has got another taste and consistency.

Also I am used to eat pancakes with sugar or chocolate or some thing like that. Or we are baking apples in or other fruits, that was something they thought is weird, but I am really not able to do that, maybe I will try one day. The way they are eating them is with bacon, small stripes of it, and sugar. Then they roll it and just eat the way a human is eating. Just an update about eating culture…


There are so many things to write about, 4 days in another place wich is called Tromsø. We had autumm holidays. From Thursday until Sunday. Actually it was my plan to make a video about some people that are staying there, but because I am no TV channel most of the people said no. But I have something about three persons and I would like to write it down, also there happend other things, but one after the other.

So first I want to write what this three persons told me. The first one was from South Africa, his girlfriend was living there and he met her the first time in germany. He said what he has to think about is snow, ice and eating something I couldn’t find out how to write…

The second one was called Daniel, he comes from Bardu, that is 2 hours away. When he hears Tromsø he has to thinkabout snow, wind, coldness, and nice people.

The third one was Matz (I belive so) nd he from Sor Trondelag and it means to him a lot of snow, beautiful nordern lines and a dark time period. Thanks a lot to you guys that you wanted to share.

Also I met a lot of nice people and and had some interesting experience, there is one thing I want to tell. I have been with my host brother (16) and his cousin (12) in a store. He wanted to buy an energy drink for him and his cousin, I didn’t wanted one. Then when he had to pay he was asked if he is 16 and he showed his ID. But the person who sold it, also wanted to know for whom the second one is, I mean they said it is for me so the rules were cheated, but I am impressed that there are some people that care for rules and see that they make sense. Even if it don’t sounds that interessting, I am still a bit impressed.